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The Itaipu Ecomuseum is a museum created to preserve the history of the plant and the region where the hydroelectric plant was built. Divided into modules, the Ecomuseu – Member of the Itaipu Complex (CTI) – shows from the occupation of the region of the plant in the Brazilian margin to the projects of environmental conservation of Itaipu. Within this itinerary, there are attractions such as water and energy theme parks, historical scenarios, models, collection items, electronic totems, as well as a replica of the axis of an active turbine, with the right noises characteristic of the heart of the plant.

A panel of 3X4 photos, Memorial of the Worker, also honors the more than 120 thousand people who worked on the construction of the hydroelectric plant, in addition to temporary spaces with exhibitions of the most diverse. Activities in the Itaipu Eco-museum

  • Educational Space: Promotes actions related to ecological awareness for the community and visitors.
  • Eureka Project: Aimed at primary school students, it stimulates the rescue and preservation of socio-environmental memory through the exploration of the museum circuit.

  • Balcony Project: Designed for families living around the Ecomuseum, it develops activities on weekends, with the purpose of promoting regional integration and strengthening the institutional image, through the enhancement of memory and environmental education.
  • Community Growing Group: Held with residents of villages in the region, promoting the psychological and intellectual development of visitors, raising awareness of environmental issues and contributing to the formation of future educational multipliers.

  • Citizen Action: Carried out with children enrolled in day care centers, it carries out recreational activities to promote the rescue of citizenship and human valorization.

It works aspects relevant to the development of the child, such as the importance of friendship and affection in interpersonal relationships.

Also through citizen action, the Ecomuseum offers a specific program to attend people with special needs who participate in recreational activities to explore their possibilities.



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