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The Bela Vista Biological Refuge is a conservation unit created on June 27, 1984, with 1,920 hectares to receive thousands of plants and animals evicted when the Itaipu reservoir is formed. Located between the Iguaçu National Park and Ilha Grande, it plays a fundamental role in preserving the environment in the Triple Border. It is the oldest and most successful project in this area.

In addition, the reserve integrates a kind of green corridor that connects the Iguassu National Park to Guaíra, passing through the protection strip (riparian forest) of the reservoir, on the Brazilian and Paraguayan banks, totaling 40,000 hectares. Of this total, 4,600 are areas delimited for three biological refuges – Bela Vista, Santa Helena and Maracaju. In the remaining 29.5 thousand hectares, it comprises the vegetation of the reservoir protection zone, formed by the planting of approximately 24 million tree seedlings consolidated in the late 90’s. This riparian forest, which varies in 200 meters wide, supports Fauna and flora, joining a biodiversity corridor, linking the Pampa Biome to the Mato Grosso Pantanal.

As a result of the conservationist conscience, the Bela Vista Biological Refuge is an international reference in the electric sector, where its technicians have initiated initiatives such as the production of native forest seedlings, the reforestation of the reservoir’s ciliary forest, the creation of wild animals in captivity and the development of research Scientific research. Also, the innovative concept of the Piracema Canal, which offers fishes the possibility of transposing the Itaipu dam, during the breeding season, has emerged. New structures that apply to innovative concepts of sustainability, allied to the experience of visionary professionals, now the Biological Refuge Bela Vista also counts on Zoo, Veterinary Hospital, quarantine, projects of environmental education and Project of Medicinal Plants.

The Bela Vista Biological Refuge integrated in the Itaipu Tourist Complex, offers an alternative of tourist visitation in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, PR. The trails of the Bela Vista Biological Refuge promote an intimate connection between man and nature and allow to know the channel of piracema, the Roberto Ribas Lange Zoo, a sector of forest seedlings production and a breeding ground for wild animals.



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